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Safer Handling CSC (Cross Sector Conference)

Dates coming soon


Working toward a safer approach to restrictive practices, through a collective approach across all sectors.

In recent years conferences on the use of force have always been “sector specific”. When analysing restrictive and intrusive approaches, such as use of force, restraint in its many forms including mechanical, soft and chemical, the use of containment or seclusion, it can get very stale and secular looking only at examples specific to one particular setting or sector.

The Safer Handling Cross Sector Conference brings together expert speakers from every sector to discuss one common cause – helping humans better manage the safety and dignity of other humans, whether they are in situ, in transit or when they are being treated, cared for or held.

Topics being investigated across the two days will include:

  • Why are the approaches in each setting so diverse?

  • Effective vs appropriate, balancing staff and service user rights - is it even achievable?

  • Planes trains & automobiles – using restrictive practices on the move.

  • What exactly does least restrictive and less intrusive mean in practice?

  • Mechanical and soft restraints, can they be a less intrusive measure?

  • The use of seclusion, segregation and isolation in schools- in many cases, is it even legal?

  • Managing the associated risks of search, edged and improvised weapons.

  • New horizons - technology and the rise in the use of Taser, is the secure estate falling behind?

  • Should we be working towards a standardised system of training?

  • Patients or criminals? Handing over from Police to PICUs, what are the risks?

Full programme available soon

Speakers to be confirmed soon



More information for delegates will be available soon. 


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