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SAFER HANDLING provide the right training and support to ensure that staff at all levels have the knowledge and skills to lawfully and effectively manage difficult situations.  This enables them to feel safe, calm and in control within their working environment. Our trainers have excellent sector-specific knowledge and experience. They are fully aware of the differing needs and risks at all levels and of the relevant duty of care and legislative requirements set by the Care Quality Commission, the NHS, NICE, MIND and other regulatory bodies and RRN.

Courses and services in this sector include violence and aggression audits, legal briefings on the use of force with vulnerable adults and children, restraint reduction, physical intervention, positive behaviour support, breakaway, disengagement, and managing challenging behaviours. The focus of our training is always on de-escalating situations; however it is important for staff to know how to safely and effectively intervene physically where necessary in order to prevent a greater harm from occurring. We offer a range of accreditation, including nationally recognised qualifications.

At Safer Handling we believe that protecting staff and client groups is paramount and that training is vital for legal compliance and peace of mind. The sole use for physical intervention is to prevent a greater harm from occurring – a belief supported in law and by statutory bodies.

Courses and Consultancy

  • Physical Intervention - Care & Control

  • Edged Weapon Awareness

  • Assertiveness & Powerful Language Skills

  • Crisis Prevention

  • Domestic Violence Awareness

  • Drugs Awareness & Misuse

  • Handling Confrontation

  • Managing Challenging


  • Legal Briefings on the Use of Force

  • Managing Violence & Aggression

  • Breakaway & Dis-engagement

  • Self Harm / Self Injury

  • Bespoke First Aid Packages

  • Bespoke transport packages

  • Restraint Reduction

  • Ligature Awareness

  • Clinical Holding

  • Expert Witness Service & Consultancy

  • Policy Writing & Audits

  • PMVA/PBS - Download Information here

In-house training from a provider with a full-time trainer base of fully qualified professionals

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