Open Courses

We run a number of Open courses throughout the year in Physical Intervention and Soft Restraints.

You will see below that we label these as Train the Trainer courses BUT those delegates who simply wish to learn the skills and pass the course for themselves to assist them in their work can attend at a reduced rate for each course.  You will receive a certificate confirming you have successfully completed the course together with a number of resources. Choose the BLUE 'Buy NOw' buttons to book and pay for the course.

Those attending to become a trainer will receive a trainer award and associated resources. To book you should use the YELLOW 'Pay Now' buttons.

Soft Restraint Kit Train the Trainer Course

1 Day Train the Trainer Award in the Safe and Effective use of Soft Restraint Equipment

Cost: £438 per delegate

Course Dates:

  • Wednesday 6th April 2022 The Park Inn by Radisson, Cardiff

  • Monday 18th April 2022 at Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3BY

  • Friday 20th May 2022 at Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3BY

  • Friday 16th September 2022 at Cotton Court, Church Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3BY

This 1 day course is for those wishing to become a Trainer in the Safe and Effective use of Soft Restraint Equipment. It will allow you to train others (end users of the kit) how to safely and effective use the kit. ​The course can also serve as a refresher for those who are out of date. 

The Theory session of this course is now completed online and the training date above will include all the practical elements.

Equipment covered on the day will include all aspects of The Soft Restraint Kit®: The use of the Soft Restraint Belt 'SRB' (an updated version of the Emergency Response Belt 'ERB'), the application of Soft-cuffs 'SRC' and how they work in unison with SRBs, the Safe Holding System 'SHS' and transitions from Rigid cuffs to Soft Restraints.  We will also include training on the Safe and Effective use of our new product, the SEELS (Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling). More information about the SEELS can be found on the Soft Restraint page here.

All Soft Restraint equipment are items of work equipment and their use in the United Kingdom is governed by PUWER (Provision and Use or Work Equipment Regulations). As per our requirements under Section 6 we do not supply kit without evidence of training. ​

Prerequisites:   Delegates should already hold a teaching/trainer qualification and also hold or be working towards a physical skills training package. 

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Not looking to become a trainer, but just want to learn how to use the SRK then you can attend and be certified in the safe and effective use of the soft restraint kit for just £96 per person. 

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Train the Trainer Physical Intervention Award

for those working with Children, Young People and Vulnerable Adults

Cost: £1194 per delegate

Venue: Preston, Lancashire

Date: 16th and 17th May 2022

This course comprises of distance online learning and 2 days face to face training and covers all of the legal aspects with regards to managing challenging and extreme behaviour. It covers the Health & Safety legislation with regard to the health, safety and welfare of staff and service users, whilst also acknowledging the "best interests" criteria that should be adhered to in all interventions with children and vulnerable adults.

This course is designed to equip those who wish to become physical intervention trainers in their sector with the necessary legal knowledge and appropriate physical skills. Once qualified this course will enable them to deliver recognised awarding body certified training within their own establishments and externally.


Trainers will be able to deliver all of our range of courses including the;


  • Level 2 Award Course in Breakaway & Disengagement

  • Level 2 Award Course in Disengagement & Physical Intervention.


Each award can be tailored towards the sector, staff and service users requirements.

The benefits of this are that you...


  • Will be delivering courses to an Awarding Body standard;

  • Have the option of qualifying your learners with BTEC Level 2 Awards, which demonstrates that;

  • The Learning & Assessment of your learners meets Educational Awarding Body standards which are Ofqual Regulated;

  • Will have access to online resources providing flexibility in the delivery of the theory and underpinning knowledge;

  • Be able to run the physical element of the courses in modular sessions;

  • Are not restricted to the numbers you are expected to teach so you can run courses dependent on need;

  • Will be provided with all of the materials required to deliver the course pre-written for you;

  • Will be provided with risk assessments, lesson planners, safety briefs and safe systems of work to follow to ensure that you run your courses safely and correctly;

  • Be given pre-written physical intervention / safe handling policies templates that you can use to implement a policy very quickly should you not already have one;

  • Be provided with a physical intervention system that meets the new proposed guidelines to be issued by the Department of Education and other Government departments with the option of adding additional training if the need arises.

The annual 1 day refresher courses cost £498 or for this you may attend a new 2 day course.