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Soft Restraint Kit Train the Trainer Course

1 Day Train the Trainer Award in the Safe and Effective use of Soft Restraint Equipment

Cost: £438* per delegate

*Reduced cost of £300 for in-date NFPS accredited trainers

* Free for all Police Officer Trainers in 2024 - see more

2024 Course Dates:

  • Monday 10th June - London

  • Thursday 13th June - Enfield, London

  • Monday 8th July - Birmingham

  • Monday 29th July - Hatfield, Hertfordshire

  • Wednesday 31st July - Carstairs, Lanarkshire

  • Friday 6th September - Nottinghamshire

  • Wednesday 18th September - Cardiff

  • Friday 18th October - Carstairs, Lanarkshire

  • Tuesday 22nd October - Berkshire

  • Thursday 31st October - West London

  • Monday 2nd - 6th December - Australia, various states.

  • Wednesday 11th December - Newcastle upon Tyne

This 1 day course is for those wishing to become a Trainer in the Safe and Effective use of Soft Restraint Equipment. It will allow you to train others (end users of the kit) how to safely and effective use the kit. ​The course can also serve as a refresher for those who are out of date. 

Equipment covered on the day will include all aspects of The Soft Restraint Kit®: The use of the Soft Restraint Belt 'SRB' (an updated version of the Emergency Response Belt 'ERB'), the application of Soft-cuffs 'SRC' and Safety Cuffs and Safe Holding System and how these modular products can work together and transitions from rigid metal cuffs to Soft Restraints.  We will also include training on the Safe and Effective use of our new product, the SEELS (Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling). More information about the SEELS can be found on the Soft Restraint page here.

All Soft Restraint equipment are items of work equipment and their use in the United Kingdom is governed by PUWER (Provision and Use or Work Equipment Regulations). As per our requirements under Section 6 we do not supply kit without evidence of training. ​

Prerequisites are that delegates are in date with their current physical skills package, basic life support and hold or are working toward a coaching/teaching qualification.

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