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Fact File and Due Diligence Guide

There is no government regulatory body for Use of Force / Positive Handling / Restraint providers for Schools or Care.


Sometimes it can be confusing when procuring training as there are many conflicting views on why to use a certain company and what deems them competent.  At Safer Handling every trainer has a relevant background and holds vocational qualifications in the use of reasonable force and restraint / positive handling.  These qualifications are awarded by Government regulated awarding bodies and not by BILD.

Who should choose your training provider?

"Like other forms of professional development, decisions about training

in physical intervention are best made by individual schools in light of their

particular needs and circumstances.  it is good practice for schools to set

out their approach to relevant training in their policy on the use of force"

Facts not opinions

"Headteachers have the freedom to use their expert judgement when choosing a training provider.  it is not the place of the government or its ministers to steer scholls towards particular third party programmes or training providers"

  • All members of staff including volunteers have the power to use force.  

       Your local authority can recommend a provider but can’t “tell you” who to use.

  • There is no government body for the Use of force / Restraint.

  • The Government do not promote training providers.

  • It is the responsibility of the Manager (Headteacher) or Director to procure training.

  • “Codes of practice” removing staff’s rights are unlawful.

  • Training should be bespoke to your client group – Age and size appropriate!

  • The Level 2 Award certificate Accredited through NFPS* is the ONLY nationally recognised and properly risk assessed course for care and children’s services  

Staff training


"Schools need to take their own decisions about staff training. The Head-teacher should consider whether members of staff require any additional training to enable them to carry out their responsibilities and should consider the needs of the pupils when doing so."


Use of reasonable force

Advice for headteachers, staff and governing bodies dated July 2013 and in a letter from the department which Doug Melia personally received in response to his enquiry;


“We do not believe it is the place of the Government or its ministers to steer schools towards particular third party programmes or training...”


“As a point of principle, believe that we need to reduce the amount of direction from the centre – and the role of the state overall – to give Head teachers and teachers the freedom to use their expert judgement".  Helen Yates Public Communications Unit

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