This course is priced for individuals who wish to be accredited in the Safe and Effective use of the Safer Handling Soft Restraint Kit®


Refreshing staff follow our online tutorials, which take you through each technique and use of the kit and provide you with all the necessary guidance to manage this without our trainers having to come into your establishment.  As well as completing a multiple-choice workbook you will also imitate the techniques, record yourself demonstrating these and send your video to us to be assessed. 


If you prefer you simply complete the theory and workbook online and attend one of our open courses in order to complete the physical aspect of the course, at no extra cost. 


If you are new to this training then you will complete only the Theory session online and then attend one of our open courses to complete the physical aspects of the course. All included in the price.

End-Users Safe & Effective Use of the Soft Restraint Kit®

  • This course consists of the theory and practical sessions of the award.

    You can however opt to complete just the theory online and view the physical tutorials and attend one of our open courses to complete the physical session.