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The use of Soft Restraints in Hospitals and ICU's

Our Soft Restraints are modular fabric alternatives to bed restraints, metal police style cuffs, archaic vests and strait jackets are widely used as manual handling aids to reduce prolonged restraint & as an alternative to seclusion or repeated re-sedation / intubation.

It’s been so valuable meeting with clinical educators and consultants from across the UK who have all explained the challenges they face within their workplaces. 

I am hearing the same stories from the front line - assaulted nurses taking time off, manual handling injuries from clinical holding, patient injuries from pulling out critical lines, chemical restraint including anti-psychotics causing further delirium with vulnerable, unwell people.

People are here actively looking for solutions to violence, which is often a symptom or side effect of their critical condition and legally the implementation of Soft Restraints sits between the use chemical restraint & physically holding a patient.

Soft Restraints are.

✅ classed as work equipment (PUWER 1998)
✅ medically reviewed by a leading expert 
✅ destruction & strength tested by SATRA laboratories 
✅ piloted in 2018 by trusts in the South West of England 
✅ supported by an endorsed & accredited train the trainer programme


📖 Implementing the Soft Restraint Kit as part of your critical care framework and having your clinical educators qualify as trainers, allows an alternative approach which helps;

💉 Wean patients off sedation
🛌 Manage extubation risks
🤲 Reduce physical restraint 
⏱ Reduce prolonged holds
🤕 Protect staff from injury 
💪 Speed up patient recovery 
👨‍⚖ Safeguard against litigation
✅ Promote positive relationships 

Here is video feedback from our clients.

To request a demonstration or to arrange a call or online forum with your team please enter your details below

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