Education and Children's Services

Safer Handling specialise in the delivery of legally compliant, properly risk assessed training & consultancy for those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults across a variety of settings.

Our nationally recognised, accredited Positive Behaviour Support, Legal Briefings & Safer Physical Intervention packages are well established across the UK and internationally are tried and tested over the last twenty years.

All of the training that we provide is bespoke and specific to your particular needs and the individual requirements of the service user.

Training available Online, Face to Face or a combination of both

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1 day Safer Handling for Education Course

Session 1
Restraint Reduction Legal Briefing on the Use of Reasonable Force with Children & Young People

The first module of our fully Ofsted compliant, risk assessed and legally audited training is the theory and risk reduction session, our popular 90 minute Legal briefing which is open to all members of staff from your school for no extra charge.

Many organisations open this session up to all staff, governors and, parents/carers. In this session to understand minimising and avoiding interventions. This can be delivered to suit your needs, either as a twilight session, as part of a full INSET day/twilight whole school training or as our popular combined option.


Topics included in this module includes the following:


  • What is deemed as "Reasonable Force" when dealing with pupils?

  • Restraint risk assessment and least restrictive practices

  • Risk assessing the searching of pupils & their property

  • Last Resorts and translating guidance documents

  • Risk assessing time-out rooms & withdrawal

  • Reporting and Recording Incidents & allegations

Session 2
Safer Holding, Handling, Essential  Physical Intervention & Disengagement Skills

This essential, follow up module is usually delivered to those staff who may need more than the theory in the afternoon of an INSET or as a follow up twilight. Comprising of easy to remember, low level physical interventions which are appropriate yet effective.


All of our training is accredited, the techniques medically reviewed and manual handling risk assessed. Enabling staff to consider the holding, handling & escorting of their individual specific needs relevant to their workplace and service users.

We take into consideration the size of your service users and the associated risks, your environment, any transport considerations, seated holds, breakaways and situations where staff may be left alone with a young person or vulnerable adult. All courses come with one year unlimited user access to our online resources & media clips.


This module includes the following:


  • Differentiate between holding, handing, escorting and guiding Managing the risks of handling smaller children

  • Managing the risks of biting, hair pulling & spitting

  • Managing the risks of objects and weapons

  • Seated holds and the safe movement of pupils

  • Safely managing altercations & disengagement

Course Delivery

Our Safer Handling training can be held online/distance learning, face to face or a combination of both.

Ask about delivery options to suit you.

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Our course costs includes course material, certification for ALL staff and a resource folder including manual and instructional videos, a copy of the Legal Brief presentation and lots more plus a due diligence file for OFSTED.  


1 day Positive Behaviour Support

This 1 day course may be delivered on its own or as an additional day to our Safer Handling for Education course.


Positive Behaviour Support deals with managing behaviour that challenges and de-escalation – this includes sector specific role pla y and is always based around the client’s workplace and their individual challenges.

Our innovative and interactive programme encompasses the latest evidence base within the field of  positive behaviour support and violence reduction to educate staff teams and individuals to equip them with the skills, knowledge and confidence to prevent the emergence of behaviour that challenges.   


The course is always bespoke and tailored to the needs of your school and pupils. We focus on building a positive, proactive and person centred approach to Identifying, preventing, reducing and managing episodes of aggression. Throughout the course delegates will be encouraged to reflect on their own values, attitudes and practices and understand the impact this can have on wider service culture. During the course delegates will be educated as to how to formulate behaviour through the use of applied behavioural analysis and how to use this information to write, review and improve behaviour support plans for their pupils.


This 1 day course course may be taken in isolation or in addition to our Safer Handling for Education coursewhere staff are taught to safely resolve incidents of actual aggression if they do occur.