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Safer Handling Soft Restraint Kit

Soft Restraint Belt® - Safe Holding System® - Soft Restraint Cuffs® - Safety Cuff® and

Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling®

Safer Handling provide humane, ethical, extensively reviewed and tested restraint equipment products, train the trainer programmes and consultancy.​

Made of “tough cloth” the Soft Restraint equipment, which includes, cuffs, belts and a safe holding system® and accessories, was designed and developed to offer staff superior control of a person where there is a need to safely control and transport a person and to prevent those who attempt to self harm. It provides a softer, more humane alternative to the other intrusive methods of control and restraint. It is a lightweight, uniquely simple device that is ergonomically designed to provide comfort for the person; but still provides optimum strength to the equipment. 

Soft Restraints® have been tested in accordance with EN ISO 10535 and reviewed by the Home office’s preferred leading medical expert.  They are designed to reduce injuries and subsequent litigation and often provide the least intrusive option available. Clients who have benefited from the kit across the world include healthcare, forensic settings, child and adolescent services, special education, prisons, policing and patient transport.


Take a look at the short videos demonstrating the soft restraint equipment and

online training, for those times when face to face training is not possible. 

Soft Restraints Video

Soft Restraints Video
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Absolutes when using Soft Restraints

Absolutes when using Soft Restraints

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Welcome to Safer-Handling online

Welcome to Safer-Handling online

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Blue Soft Restraint Equipment Demonstration Video

Blue Soft Restraint Equipment Demonstration Video

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Soft Restraint Video - Black Kit

Soft Restraint Video - Black Kit

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The Soft Restraint Cuff® Cuff offers staff a vital tool in the risk reduction toolbox where there is a need to safely hold, control or transport a person. It provides a softer more humane alternative to metal handcuffs. Metal and plastic cuffs lack flexibility and often have edges which frequently result in injury, such as fractures, soft tissue injuries and handcuffing neuropathy. Soft-cuffs® provide a less invasive alternative to prolonged manual holding, especially during procedures and treatments or where a person is frail or has adverse skin, tissue or bone conditions. Soft-cuffs can be used in conjunction with the Soft Restraint Belt and are used internationally and here at home with multiple case studies and care plans ready to be implemented.

The SRC allows for wrists that do not fit into regular handcuffs to be restrained securely. Too big or too small the SRC fits them all.

Soft Restraint Belt®

The Soft Restraint Belt® is proven to reduce injuries and subsequent litigation and provides
the least intrusive option to staff using manual holds. The SRB can be used to negate the need to hold someone in manual restraint and gives the effect of ‘putting handles’ on the body, allowing upper and lower torso control of a violent, injured or passive subject.


The SRB is intended to be applied to assist in the removal of a person from the prone face down position as soon as possible. Compliant with Health & Safety Manual Handling Regulations and international guidance on reducing restrictive practices, the SRB ensures staff have the potential to handle, lift, support and move challenging or injured individuals in the course of their employment, including administering personal care.


The Safe Holding System®

Safer Handling, Safe Holding System is a Soft Restraint Belt with Soft-cuffs fixed in place.

Offering staff superior control where there is a need to safely hold, turn or transport a person, the SHS assists in the prevention of self-injurious behaviour. This enables the wearer a far greater degree of freedom to engage in meaningful  activities as part of their rehabilitation or recovery programme.

The Safe Holding System offers a valuable stepping stone to transition wearers out of seclusion, long term segregation, or from more restrictive mechanical restraints whilst ensuring the safety of all. 


The Safety Cuff®

Safer Handling presents the Safety Cuff®, the latest addition to the Safer-Handling range of Soft Restraint equipment, dubbed as ‘Revolutionary, not evolutionary’ by the National training team piloting the devices here in the United Kingdom.

The Safety Cuff®, a bespoke variation on our popular Soft Restraint Cuff (SRC) more commonly known as Softcuffs, which are widely used in psychiatric care and secure transport, has been specifically designed as an alternative to prolonged physical restraint. It has been shown to reduce the length of, and to enhance patient and staff safety during, clinical holding and to aid with detention / transportation of vulnerable individuals.

Categorised as ‘Mechanical’ ’the Safety Cuff® is appropriate for those subject to Ministerial special controls, offering safer, versatile and less invasive alternatives to traditional alloy and metallic restraints. Easy to apply and remove, the Safety Cuff® has over the last two years been subject to rigorous legal, medical and tactical scrutiny here in the United Kingdom.  The findings of our collaborative research and testing, resulted in adaptations and improvements of our existing product which in turn led us to create thisentirely new and versatile product - the Safety Cuff®

Safer Emergency Enveloping Lifting Sling

The SEELS is a piece of specialist lifting equipment to be used to lift and carry a person between locations. The SEELS may be used for emergency evacuation, where there is an urgent need to move a casualty away from danger, e.g. fire, to safely move a person where Soft Restraint Belts (SRB’s) are in use or, where a handcuffed person may be placed at risk by being lifted unaided.

The SEELS is a CE marked medical device made by our trusted UK manufacturer and medically reviewed.

Specially made from breathable material with a low friction fabric added to the outside which facilitates easy application of the sling. Tough, washable and durable, the SEELS is an invaluable asset to anyone planning to manage the safe transport or relocation of larger, potentially combative persons, as part of your crisis management plan. Featuring a simplistic traffic light system and multi-tiered ergonomic handles, the SEELS allows multiple staff members to aid with what could potentially be a hazardous manual handling activity.

Soft Restraint Training
The Soft Restraint equipment is not issued or sold without certified training. This has been a key issue with the nationally and internationally established credibility with the device. This is why you are unable to order any of the kit direct from this website, instead please contact us directly to place your order
The training programme is tailored to ensure it is “profession specific” and based on the needs and requirements of your staff and service users.  It will also include training in the use of the SEELS at no extra cost.

We provide our training both in the UK and Internationally and offer both in-house and open End-User and Train the Trainer courses, plus Online Courses.

Course Aim


The aim of this course is to instruct participants in the underpinning legal knowledge and the working principles of how to use Soft Restraint equipment safely.


Course Objectives


1. Identify the Component Parts of the Soft Restraint.

2. Identify the Risks Associated with the use of the Soft Restraint.

3. Understand the Health & Safety implications with regards to the use of the Soft Restraint

4. Understand the Law in relation to the Soft Restraint as a Use of Force option.

5. Apply and Remove the Soft Restraint in a Safe and Effective Manner.