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We have now reintroduced face to face training and will work with you to mitigate risks associated with Covid 19. 


We now have online courses to minimise the amount of face to face time.


There will be concerns no doubt about staff being together all at once in one room during the session we deliver face to face.  One very popular option now are back to back sessions, with smaller group sizes either working at the same time in different rooms with multiple trainers or, scheduled for consecutive sessions throughout the training day is a healthy way to mitigate the risks. 


Class sizes are dictated by the amount of room you have, we are happy to deliver training outside where possible although well ventilated gymnasiums and halls work just fine.


The training we provide is essential and required by you to fulfill your legal safeguarding duties. We have a number of options available including having the least amount of contact between trainers and delegates by utilising our instructional clips on a screen and having them working together in their usual “bubbles” or groups of 3 staff where possible, which forms the basis of our risk assessed framework for training delivery. 


Further mitigation may be used where appropriate such as testing and recording core temperatures on arrival (you may already have this in place) through the wearing of PPE and clips of the techniques being demonstrated sent to each delegate's phone or device for them to work from in groups.

If you wish to discuss this in more detail please get in touch.


Throughout this period, all those who currently have training booked with us or have previously trained with us are able to take advantage of our free consultancy and advice service for any safeguarding or training issues and questions you have.  You can do this by emailing or by calling 03300 235636. 


Our online courses may be booked by emailing or calling us or via our shop.

Distance learning and external accreditation options


Restraint Reduction Legal Briefing (Positive Handling Theory) Session – To complete this session and receive a certificate, delegates may sign up to our online course, consisting of a presentation, media clips and multiple-choice questions. Delegates are able to complete the training on their own and at a time to suit them. At the end of the session you are invited to submit questions about scenarios, potential risks or challenges you face. We will then provide a personalised presentation addressing these which you can keep and share with your colleagues. You will have access to a resource file and media clips as well as a copy of the presentation. 


Physical Intervention Skills – Please contact us to discuss how we can safely deliver your training in person or via video.  

Soft Restraint Kit - You are now able to complete the Theory session of this course online, which means we will only need to deliver the physical session of the course in person.


Livelink & bespoke consultancy - Doug is able to provide live tutorials, assess methods or even host discussions to groups via Zoom or other video media.


I hope this helps to give you and your staff the assurances that we are here to help you facilitate your consultancy and training needs during these unprecedented times.

To purchase our online courses contact us or please visit our shop

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