This 1 day course is priced for organisations who have up to 12 delegates who wish to be accredited to use the Safer Handling Soft Restraint Kit®. 


If you have more than 12 delegates please also purchase additional delegates, which is a separate product from the online store. 


The Theory session of this course can now be completed online by delegates so you no longer have to get everyone together in the same place at the same time and it redcues the face to face time our trainer spends at your venue when they come to deliver the practical elements of the course. You can of course opt for the full course in person. 

Equipment covered on the day will include all aspects of The Soft Restraint Kit®: The use of the Soft Restraint Belt 'SRB' (an updated version of the Emergency Response Belt 'ERB'), the application of Soft-cuffs 'SRC' and how they work in unison with SRBs, the Safe Holding System 'SHS' and transitions from Rigid cuffs to Soft Restraints.


Our prices include course material, certification and an electronic resource folder together with a due diligence file for audit purposes.


End-Users Safe & Effective Use of the Soft Restraint Kit® (12 delegates)

  • This course consists of the theory and practical sessions of the award.  You can however opt to complete the theory session online and then we just have to come to you to complete the Physical aspects of the course. Please let us know when booking.