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A cost effective option for up to 50 delegates from one organisation, who work with children, young people or vulnerable adults to complete our online Legal Briefing on the use of Reasonable Force. To understand your rights and responsibilities and the legalities of using resonable force, in order to prevent a greater harm from occuring.


This course is the first session of our Positive Handling and Physical Intervention award - a fully accredited, compliant, risk assessed and legally audited training course. This course includes de-escalation and the theory and legal element of the use of Reasonable Force and is presented by an Expert Witness. Topics include,

  • What is deemed as "Reasonable Force"
  • Restraint risk assessment and least restrictive practices
  • Risk assessing the searching of service users & their property
  • Last Resorts and translating guidance documents
  • Risk assessing time-out rooms & withdrawal
  • Reporting and Recording Incidents & allegations


This online option includes all the aspects of our face to face, in person Legal Briefing on the Use of Reasonable Force and covers all of the legalities surrounding physical intervention on one easy to navigate platform. This course comprises of 10 lessons each containing a video followed by an asessment of multiple choice questions. Delegates must achieve the 80% pass rate to be able to move on to the next lesson. Upon successful completion of all 10 lessons / assessments a certificate will be emailed to the delegate and they will be invited to provide feedback on the course.


Please note that all delegates must be enrolled within a 4 week period.  


Please include the full name and email addresses of all delegates when making payment so that we may enrol them onto the course - or, the organiser can email these to Once enrolled delegates will receive 2 emails from us, these confirm their enrollment and contain their indiviual unique log in details and a link to start the course.  Once in the course they will be able to download the full joining instructions.


Delegates do not have to complete the course in one sitting and may log in and out and progress will be saved. All delegates have up to 90 days to complete the course, after which their enrollment expires. If delegates wish to complete it after this time then this will be a new booking and payment.


Following this course you may wish to take the in-person follow up session - Safer Holding, Handling, Essential Physical Intervention & Disengagement Skills. This follow up session is usually delivered to those staff who may need more than the theory and comprising of easy to remember, low level physical interventions which are appropriate yet effective. Contact us for more information on

Legal Brief on the use of Reasonable Force (1 organisation)-Schools, Care Health

  • Safer Handling, specialise in the delivery of legally compliant, properly risk assessed training & consultancy for those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults across a variety of settings. Our nationally recognised, accredited Positive Behaviour Support, Legal Briefings & Safer Physical Intervention packages are well established across the UK and are tried and tested over the last twenty years.

    All successful delegates will receive a recognised CPD certificate. 

    Duration: 1.5 hours approximately.

  • The organiser should email following purchase to obtain details of how to access the course.

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