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Here at Safer Handling we do provide Positive Behaviour Support and Positive Handling and Physical Intervention training although our ethos is to avoid humans having to hold other humans in the first place!


Where physical intervention or even just holding someone whilst they regain control is necessary, Safer Handling provide staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage this in the safest way possible.


Following an internationally recognised BTEC programme of properly risk assessed, medically reviewed and easy to recall holds minimises the risks of injury and distress. Delivered to as many staff either via our online portal or face to face and your school or organisation. 


Specialising in bespoke strategies to manage the behaviours of children or vulnerable adults of all ages and of different shapes & sizes, we take into consideration factors such as managing SEN, learning difficulties or those who may have a disability.

Bespoke courses for all sectors

Safer Handling specialise in the delivery of the ONLY nationally recognised Positive Handling and Physical Intervention award certificate and Positive Behaviour Support training for those working with children, young people or vulnerable adults.

All courses are bespoke to your specific needs.

Courses and services in this sector include violence and aggression audits, positive behaviour support, legal briefings on the use of force with vulnerable adults and children, control and restraint, physical intervention, breakaway, disengagement,  and managing challenging behaviours.

Made of “tough cloth” the Soft Restraint equipment was designed and developed to offer staff superior control of a person where there is a need to safely control & transport a person. Lightweight, uniquely simple, it is a more humane alternative to the other intrusive methods of control and restraint. 

Download forms for your course here.


We have developed a range of resources for anyone involved in commissioning, managing or training in the use of force with children and young people to help you learn, understand and refresh your knowledge in this area.

All available to purchase now. 


We provide a whole range of courses for all business sectors, including security, police, prisons and secure transport, which are bespoke and specific to your needs, requirements and service users.

Whether you are looking for Positive Behaviour Support, Restraint Reduction courses, Search Procedures, Handcuff training, First Aid courses or to equip your lone workers with the ability to protect themselves, please click the link below for further details or call us to discuss your requirements.

All of our trainers have sector specific training qualifications and experience.

Consultancy & Policy Audits

Doug, is the Director of Defend Solutions Ltd which includes, Safer Handling, Soft Restraint Kit, Passenger Safe and Defend UK Professional Safety Education. He is an accredited trainer, consultant & speaker on the use of force, safer handling strategies & restraint. Doug is also a registered expert witness, auditor, risk assessor and specialist member of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (SIIRSM). Safer handling is a licensed centre of the National Federation of Personal Safety.


Doug Melia offers a number of additional services on the wide ranging training packages we offer including:

Consultancy services


Policy Audits

Expert Witness

The training delivered by Doug and his team today was superb - the best positive handling training I have attended

Head Teacher of a school in Devon


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