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Recovery + is an innovative, lightweight, three part, adjustable stretcher made entirely from easy clean plastic material with no metal parts, fully compatible with an ambulance stretcher and can be used in multiple positions, including the internationally recognised recovery position.

Recovery + is a new and fully versatile patient management system, enabling professional front line emergency service providers to deal with a wide spectrum of  situations they attend daily, ranging from the routine transfer of ambulant and non- ambulant patients to those involving individuals exhibiting challenging behaviour.    

Quick and easy to use, this fold away device system, can be used as a platform to support a patient whilst being administered medical attention or as a way of transferring an individual from one place to another in whatever environment or circumstance be that to/from hospitals or detainment facilities Recovery + is a highly effective, positive and pro-active response patient management system that can be quickly fitted with a wide range of fastenings to safely secure and protect the individual and front line emergency services staff handling the situation. A completely versatile system capable of being swiftly adjusted into a variety of positions in response to an individual’s medical needs.

Recovery + can be used in conjunction with the Soft Restraint Kit 


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