The cost shown is for one 'Additional Delegate', which may be added by organisations who are purchasing the Full Positive Handling and Physical Intervention course. We accept it is not ideal for these physical skills to be taught via distance learning but whilst we are all in lockdown it will assist staff who need to be upskilled in order to effectively carry out their job. Online Course. Purchase ONE 'Additional Delegate' for each delegate over the initial 12 you wish to take part in the physical session of the course.  


Example: if you have 15 delegates wishing to take the physical aspect of the course purchase 1 Positive Handling and Physical Intervention Course for Organisations plus 3 'Additional Delegates' here.

Additional Delegates for Positive Handling & Physical Intervention

  • This item may not be purchased in isolation. You must also have or be purchasing the Positive Handling and Physical Intervention Online Course for Organisations.

    With this product you add additional delegates over and above with intital 12 in the physical session.  If you require 20 delegates training then add 8'Additional Delegates'. 

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